Trebor International, Inc. is a unit of IDEX Corporation.

Est 1979, Trebor® has served high-purity chemical movement markets focusing on customers, relationships, and products.

Our customer is our priority.

Our History

Trebor® was founded in the late 1970’s by Robert Orr, who recognized a common manufacturing problem with semiconductor facilities — industrial pumps that transfer and circulate aggressive chemicals quickly corroded and risked contaminating the process. Relying on his formal engineering background and experience with fluoropolymers, Robert and a small team created the technical foundation for ultra-pure, corrosion-resistant pumps that are known worldwide today.

Since then, Trebor® has provided reliable high-purity fluid transfer solutions for applications in the manufacture of semiconductors, LEDs, chemicals, solar panels, aerospace, and fuels, to name a few. Our long history of supplying the best high-purity air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, and high-purity heaters mean that we set the standards for those products. Many companies have replicated our designs. There’s a reason…they work.

Our Focus

Today, our products can be found in key chemical and deionized water processes where reliability, rapid process control, and responsive service are critical. Our unique combination of product and systems expertise combined with outstanding product reliability and rapid innovation will shorten your equipment development cycle and provide a superior total cost for your next-generation platform. We realize that low-maintenance, high-quality products are critical to your success. In addition, we know that your industry is changing daily, with better processes, tighter controls, and stricter regulations. That’s why we’re focused on continually improving our products and working with our customers to design the most effective solutions for their problems. Our manufacturing headquarters is located in West Jordan – a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This beautiful mountain setting serves as an excellent transportation hub to our worldwide customers and provides a well-educated workforce with a strong work ethic. We also maintain sales and service offices in Germany and Singapore to support key European and Asian markets.



We are committed to quality in everything that we do and in all aspects of our organization. Combining feedback from our customers and best practices across multiple industries allows us to incorporate a quality perspective across the business. Trebor® is ISO9001:2015 registered facility since 2002 and continues to improve its system and strives to exceed the requirements of both the ISO standard as well as the needs of our customers.

In 2001, Trebor® embarked on the implementation of Lean/Six Sigma practices and continues to date to embrace these processes. Trebor® is a data-driven organization that quickly but methodically drives to implement and maintain opportunities for improvement through the use of Root Cause Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, and Voice of Customer research. By working closely with both our customers and suppliers, we have a better understanding of the opportunities allowing us to drive toward implementation faster and without misused resources.

IDEX Corporation

In May 2000, Trebor International joined IDEX Corporation – a global fluidics leader serving high-growth specialized markets such as highly engineered fluidics systems and components and fire and safety products, including the Jaws of Life® family of rescue and recovery tools.

IDEX business units gain a competitive advantage from belonging to a group of brand-name market leaders producing complementary product lines. Each company can offer a more thorough solution for its customers’ needs.

IDEX also offers its companies the power of global sourcing, operational excellence tools, and a strong distributor and customer service network, as well as the benefits of a diverse and continually expanding customer base