EHS Policy


Environment, Health & Safety

The Environment, Health & Safety (“EHS”) policy is the component of the Trebor® Operating Model under Operational Excellence that makes EHS an essential part of our management process. Our EHS system provides us with company-wide standards, procedures, and best practices to pursue continuous improvement in EHS performance. EHS presents a commitment by our leadership and the entire workforce to take actions that maximize sustainable value for our environment, employees, and other key stakeholders. Trebor® acts on our EHS principles in the following ways:

  • Conduct proactive workplace risk assessments and implement ergonomic and other EHS improvements.
  • Identify and implement best practices and effective management systems, including leadership engagement, employee participation, incident and near-miss reporting and management, and active emergency preparedness.
  • Regularly audit our sites and monitor our EHS performance.
  • Company leaders take ownership of EHS and visibly demonstrate their EHS commitment.



Environmental Policy

We are dedicated to the preservation of our environment through continual improvement programs in the areas of waste minimization, pollution prevention, and resource conversation. We will establish, implement and maintain environmental objectives and target programs with employee, community, corporate, legal, and regulatory interests. We will audit and enhance our environmental programs and procedures to verify the viability of our environmental performance. We will comply with all relevant legal, regulatory, and corporate environmental requirements. We will accomplish these objectives through the involvement of all employees in programs focused on reducing the impact of Trebor® business activities on the environment.