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Trebor® manufactures quartz heaters for deionized water and chemical applications, in addition to high purity, air operated double diaphragm (A.O.D.D) pumps for chemical applications. Our products can be used in multiple industries that require purity, process control, high temperatures, and small footprints.

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Our heaters are designed to quickly heat fluids in a single pass with no metal components in the fluid path. We offer two types of heaters; inline chemical heaters and deionized water heaters. Our inline chemical heaters are popular because of their modular capabilities, size, and heating efficiency. These heaters have some unique design features that prevent bacteria growth, still water, or particle traps and therefore increase the yield of your process.

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Our pumps are designed for continuous operation in aggressive and process critical applications. That includes processes with the most aggressive chemical mixtures known in the industry. We use 100% virgin plastic resins, such as PTFE, PFA, and PP, because we know that maintaining purity is a critical element in your process.

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Our probes and monitoring systems provide complete performance and diagnostic capability for your high purity pump. The use of fiber optic technology allowed us to design a nonmetallic sensor that will not corrode in aggressive acid environments and avoid the use of electrical terminations that may create explosion risk in volatile solvent applications. All probes are nonintrusive so they will not adversely affect pump performance or come in contact with your ultrapure fluids during normal operation.

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Global Support

We understand the impact our operations have on a local, regional, and global scale. We address environmental concerns by offering rebuild service, which decreases the overall waste from a single pump. The Trebor Rebuild Program makes it possible to prolong the life of pumps by rebuilding them at an SSP location. In addition, we continue to work with our suppliers to reduce the number of shipments to decrease excessive emissions. We’re also doing what we can at our facility to reduce energy consumption through behavioral change, such as decreasing use of electricity, paper products, and water.
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Signature Service Support

Signature Service Providers (SSP) are distributors located around the world that are authorized by Trebor to perform repairs, rebuilds, and service, including warranty work, on Trebor products outside of the Trebor Facility. SSPs may also sell post warranty service and maintenance plans. Authorized SSPs improve customer satisfaction by reducing shipping lead times and total turn-around time for product maintenance and repair.
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Markets We Serve

Trebor® began serving the global semiconductor market with high purity pumping and heating solutions. Now, Trebor® products are also involved in key processes in adjacent chemical technologies and processes where reliability, rapid process control, and responsive service are critical, such as LED manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, solar, and food and beverage.
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