Model SS40

Max Flow: 49 LPM (13 GPM)

Max Temperature: 284 °F (140 °C)

Max Pressure: 80 PSIG (0.55 MPa)

Certifications: CE



The SS40 is an air-operated pulsation dampener that was designed to handle acids and solvents at temperatures of up to 140° C and air supply pressures of up to 80psig. It effectively reduces liquid line pressure fluctuation to less than ±3 psig in most operating conditions.

  • Extends Filter Life
  • Reduces Plumbing Vibration
  • Minimizes Chemical Bath Turbulence
  • No Metal Parts
  • PTFE Fluid Path
  • Assembled, Tested, And Packaged In A Clean Room

  • Model 110 (Direct Mount)
  • Magnum 610 (Direct Mount)
  • Magnum 620 (Direct Mount)
  • Inline Installation With Any Air-Operated Reciprocating Pump With Flow Rates Up To 13 GPM / 50 LPM