MEGA 960 – Benefits

MEGA 960 – Benefits

What you are looking at is the #1 Chemical Delivery Pump utilized in Global Semiconductor Applications!

If your company’s goals are to reduce costs and maximize pump uptime, the MEGA 960 is the right choice for addressing these goals. This pump provides the lowest cost of ownership in the industry by providing the longest mean time between failures (MTBF) and lowest cost to repair out of any pneumatic pump in the chemical delivery market. The Mega 960D is designed to only cycle as much as is necessary to support the process tools it serves. This maximizes pump life, reduces air consumption and drastically extends the life of your expensive chemical filters. This is achieved through the utilization of our Intelligent Pneumatic System, simply referred to as our Distribution Technology.

Mega 960 pumps is dead-head comfortable and designed to pump against pressure reliably and effectively. Re-starts after a dead-head condition are smooth and immediate. You simply leave air to the pump and control it from the fluid side by opening or closing a fluid valve. During dead-head, the pump maintains outlet line pressure while also maintaining inlet prime. This means that there is no need to recharge the outlet line with additional cycles and there is no need to re-prime the pump with chemistry that has receded away from the pump inlet.

Every component in this pump that can receive contact wear is replaced during a rebuild interval. This brings the pump back to factory specification in all critical working areas. Rebuilds are supported in region by our global network of Signature Service Providers. All pumps rebuilt by these factory experts receive a renewed warranty which gives you the assurance you are looking for in a service program.

Since the birth of the Mega 960 pump in 1996, we’ve sold more than 10,000 units to the most advanced semiconductor sites on earth is a testament to the durability, capability and trustworthiness of the Mega 960D pump technology. At Trebor® we recognize that semiconductor operations can be hectic, which is why we designed a product that alleviates risk and enhances your peace of mind.

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